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  • The thread of our label’s story was spun in Peru

    Long before ANNAMARIAANGELIKA’s launch, graduate of Kunsthochschule Burg Halle’s MA program “Conceptual Fashion Design”, Julia Müller, had set out to Peru to learn more about traditional knitting and weaving techniques. The artisans there are renowned worldwide for their exceptional skills and beautiful results.

    Little did she know how much more than just knowledge she was going to bring back to Berlin, Germany, with her. In her heart: a freed creative voice that longed to use tangible surfaces, the softest alpaca wool and powerful patterns to tell stories of an irrepressible lust for life.

    A voice that in summer 2015 would become the core of a fashion label that treats people and nature with respect. Its name is ANNAMARIAANGELIKA, a colourful fusion of all of Julia Müller’s middle names.

    The essence of launch collection “Each Single Moment’s Soul”

    Every single item of our launch collection promises to take you on a journey: Over the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean across to South America, past cuddly alpaca llamas grazing at the foot of the Andes and right into the bustling workshops of traditional Peruvian knitters.

    It is here, where our jumpers, dresses, trousers, beanies and scarfs are all handmade one by one. Each of their designs inspired by a special moment. The discovery of a pristine waterfall in one case, or the awakening of a fresh field of flowers for another.

    Julia realised that when you mindfully appreciate all that’s around you, the essence of a moment may reveal itself to you and stay in your heart. The sweaters, beanies and scarves of launch collection “Each Single Moment’s Souls” are witnesses to this philosophy.

    Slow Fashion is the lasting joy of fair and timeless quality

    Because of its truly timeless design and careful production, a garment by ANNAMARIAANGELIKA can be enjoyed for a long time. Contrary to a mindset customary in the world of “Fast Fashion”, the work conditions of our highly trained team in Peru don’t fall victim to unnecessary quantified production methods. We’re fair. It is our mission that our knitters focus on their craft without being pressured to create numerous short-lived trends each season.

    The designs you like best become a permanent part of our collection and are continually joined by new designs for you to choose from. The result is a carefully curated selection of designer pieces that contains attractive favourites for a multitude of people.

    Mindfulness and appreciation matter to us. Qualities that become evident in our expressive design ideas, their high quality execution where complex details are carefully applied by hand as well as head designer Julia Müller’s personal relationship with her Peruvian team.

    Julia Müller

    is a Berlin-based Fashion Designer that embodies sustainability with every fiber. This can not only be seen in her Slow Fashion label Annamariaangelika’s tangible textiles and fair production ethics, it is an integral part of her designs which are inspired by nature’s beauty and the richness of cultural diversity.