Alpaka Strickhose Napkini


Faire Strickmode, handgefertigt in Peru | 100% Alpakawolle | Intarsienstrick | Strickpullover in passendem Design erhältlich

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Alpaca Wool Pants Napkini share their story

Of course, Peru is the largest supplier of organic coffee worldwide. That  doesn’t mean, however, that people would usually order cappuccino when taking a break in one of Lima’s hidden cafés. Fortunately, ANNAMARIAANGELIKA’s Head Designer had no idea when she sat down.

Pants Napkini are not only made from the softest alpaca wool, they also tell the sweet story of the two café owners who ran to their neighbours for milk and advice on how to prepare their customer’s unusual request. What they returned with was a steaming hot brew, a huge smile and a little napkin.

The handmade garment is a genuine expression of appreciation. For the joyfulness that can be found in everyday things and will still be remembered years later.

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Gewicht 12 kg
Größe 30 x 30 x 30 cm

DIN A4, L, L/XL, M, M/L, One Size, S, S/M, XL, XXL

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