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    Mütze Milky Way aus Merinowolle


    Faire Strickmode, handgefertigt in Peru| 100% peruanische Merinowolle| handgefärbtes Garn von einer familiengeführten Spinnerei in Peru | Perlenstrickmuster | limitierte Edition von 25 Stück |Farbe: creme und violett | 3 verschiedene Pompomfarben erhältlich| Passende Bomberjacke hier erhältlich |

    Welcome to the Milky Way!

    We discovered this very special merino yarn at a small spinning mill in Peru and couldn’t keep our hands off it. It is truly beautiful: Off-white with hand-dyed sparkles in varying shades of lilac, blue and purple. ⁠After 20 kg of it were custom made for someone, they suddenly decided not to buy it and the production was stopped. So we „rescued“ what had already been made. So lucky!

    The Beanie Milky way is the perfect accessory to complete your look effortlessly – it adds a little sparkle to every outfit. Just like the view of the milky way that we loved to admire in Peru adds (a lot of ) sparkle to the night.

    Zusätzliche Information

    Gewicht 12 kg
    Größe 30 × 30 × 30 cm

    DIN A4, L, L/XL, M, M/L, One Size, S, S/M, XL, XXL

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