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    Alpaca Loop Scarf Hugs


    Fair knitwear garment, handmade in Peru | 100% Alpaca wool. | Intarsia knitting technique. | Matching beanie and sweater available.

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    Alpaca loop scarf Hugs takes you into Nature

    Did you just see that? Probably a butterfly, right? It couldn’t possibly have been a fairy playing hide and seek in the creaky branches of this old Peruvian tree. No way. Or could it?

    Alpaca loop scarf Hugs embraces you with a warm welcome and invites you be part of a magical moment in Huaraz National Park. A place, where blue mountain ranges tickle purple clouds and little tufts of grass are being stroked gently in the wind.

    The riches of nature, friends and love. This handmade alpaca wool scarf reminds you of all the many things you can be grateful for everyday. Give them a big hug, or two or three. XOXO

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    Weight 12 kg
    Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

    DIN A4, L, L/XL, M, M/L, One Size, S, S/M, XL, XXL

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