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    Knit Bomber Jacket Cuzco Kids


    Fair knitwear garment, handmade in

    Peru | 75 % Alpaca wool, 25% Cotton |

    Intarsia knitting technique with 8 colours. |

    Onesize-recommended for children from 1 to 3 years

    | Beanie Cusco for Kids and Cuzco Set for Kids available. |

    Bust grith: 62 cm
    Length: 30 cm
    Sleeve length: 31 cm

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    Handmade knit bomber jacket Cuzco celebrates creativity

    What are your most liked memories from school? Are they of an academic nature or about your friends and how you had fun together?

    Handmade alpaca bomber jacket Cuszco takes you to a place of joy. It was inspired by a colourful afternoon in the region of Cuzco. The local school was celebrating its 25th anniversary and all the children had dressed up in celebratory outfits. From traditional Peruvian garments to trendy modern day styles–there were no boundaries to their imagination.

    Bomber jacket Cuzco celebrates in many beautiful colours and patterns the joy creativity brings to everyone’s lives.

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