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    Knit Bomber Jacket Napkini Kids


    Fair knitwear garment, handmade in Peru | 100 % Alpaca wool| Intarsia knitting technique. |Onesize-recommended for children from 1 to 3 years | Matching Beanie and Set Napkini available.

    Bust grith: 72 cm
    Length: 32 cm
    Sleeve length: 33 cm

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    Alpaca Knit Bomber Jacket Napkini Kids has a story to tell

    Sure, Peru is the world’s largest supplier of organic coffee. But when you visit one of Lima’s side street cafes, cappuccino isn’t what people order. Luckily, ANNAMARIAANGELIKA’s Head Designer didn’t know that when she decided to rest her feet while traveling.

    Knit Bomber Jacket Napkini Kids is not only made from very soft alpaca wool, it also tells the charming story of two Peruvian cafe owners who knocked on their neighbours’ door for milk and advice to fulfill their customer’s request. Eventually, they served a steaming hot brew with a proud smile and a napkin that later inspired the pattern design.

    The handmade garment is an expression of appreciation. For the genuine kindness that can be found in little things everyday but are still remembered years later.

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